A friend of mine throws frisbees for a living.

Another just released a folk-song CD after learning to play guitar.

My mom took up painting when she was 77 and had her first art show when she was 80.

My neighbor has taken up wood working and building furniture. He’s repaired a couch for me and is now working on an elaborate cheese board made from found wood.

You may be thinking about some ability or gift or passion…something latent that hasn’t come out or a thread you dropped from your youth. Or an idea that just occurred to you this morning.

Whatever it is, you may be thinking the world doesn’t need one more of those — one more painting, one more dancer, one more garden, one more poem. Well, actually, that’s precisely what this world needs.

You may be thinking you don’t have the time, you’re too old to become an expert, the world won’t like it, no one will notice and you’ll never make any money.

That’s fine. Maybe all that is true.

But you can probably make the time if you really wanted to. People have made time who had less to work with. And you can ignore the critics. What do they know, anyway. You can ask for help. And you can start small. You can begin by deciding to try, and be surprised at how much that means.

Maybe your reasons for not getting started are just like mine, and, as I have been told, they are all really one reason: fear. And maybe, like me, you’re finding it is time to set the fear down and shift your attention to trust. Trust in the good you can do, and trust in the fun you’ll have doing it.

Maybe it’s time to begin.


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